Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Mia Booth


Watching and Waiting – The Australia Post Watch Scandal

What can a watch really be worth? Well, it turns out that if you’re the head of one of Australia’s largest government...

40% of university students to pay more for their degree

By Mia Booth, Year 10 If you clicked on this article, you may be wondering what is in store...

20 Lockdown Activities to Spice up your Holidays

Try a new workout- like Zumba with Strong Nation or Sarah Beth Yoga (both on YouTube)

Virus prevention or political purge in Venezuela?

The Venezuelan government has been accused of taking advantage of the rampaging coronavirus pandemic and overexerting its decision-making power for political gain....

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The Star-Spangled Banner

Oh, say can you see,In the midst of the night,An army so vast,At the cusp of a fight? As...

Eulogy for a Closing Window

They say language is a window, Through which one’s culture is conferred. As if ramrod grammar...

Summer Holiday in Melbourne: A Virtual Tour Around the World

Term 4 is concluding and summer holidays are just around the corner! Even though many COVID-19 lockdown rules in Victoria have been...

Dear Incoming IB Year 11s

Dear 2021 Year 11 IB girls, Welcome to Senior School and the world of IB! You...

The Ethics of No-platforming

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Languages, no-platforming is defined as ‘the action or practice of preventing someone holding views regarded as...
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