Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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The Star-Spangled Banner

Oh, say can you see,
In the midst of the night,
An army so vast,
At the cusp of a fight?

As they storm sacred doors,
As stormed through once before,
And brandish their flag,
Of red star-spangled abhor,

Lincoln watches them there,
Sitting just from afar,
As he silently weeps –
A most callous betrayal.

Yet who could blame them for sin,
When they surely cannot win,
For the land of the free,
Is the home of the brave?

They continue on deeper,
Guns enclosed, mouths disclosing,
As they make for the heart,
And tear freedom apart,

Though you may disagree,
One can surely foresee,
Your promise of oath,
Was a deceitful decree,

Onward they shout!
In your name claim you not,
As they fight for their freedom,
With oppression in their steps,

Now it catches the gleam,
Of the sun in its scheme,
Casting an uncanny glow,
On the foes of the free,

‘Tis the star-spangled evil!
Long may it rot and spoil,
Yet rot more and it shall rise –
Again, In the hands of the free.


The Star-Spangled Banner

Oh, say can you see,In the midst of the night,An army so vast,At the cusp of a fight? As...

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