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20 Lockdown Activities to Spice up your Holidays

  1. Try a new workout- like Zumba with Strong Nation or Sarah Beth Yoga (both on YouTube)
STRONG NATION™ 30-Minute Class - YouTube

2. Have a poker/board game night at home- with prizes or punishments between family members like choosing the next takeaway or doing the dishes

Anyone got any poker memes? - Page 2 - Unibet Community

3. Write an isolated member in our community a handwritten letter and post it. Handwriting was shown in an Indiana University study to increase creativity through neural activity not expressed in any other way.

4 Wonderful Benefits of Writing Letters

4. Channel your inner Monet with those watercolour paints in the cupboard!

Blue mountains . Original Watercolour painting Painting by Svetlana  Wittmann | Saatchi Art

5. Make bath bombs from scratch and enjoy a luxuriating bath even more knowing that you helped make it with this recipe from

6. Edible face masks- yes, it’s now a thing and we love the chocolate face mask from – delicious and rehydrating!

7. R-E-A-D- yep, we know you’ve heard this one before, but there’s a reason for it… A recent study by the University of Sussex found that the subject’s stress was reduced by up to 68% in just 6 minutes of reading a book.

10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

8. Take a DNA ancestry test or learn about your heritage by calling up the gramps- never a better time to find out where you come from!

Best Free Genealogy Search Websites | Digital Trends

9. Learn a language on Duolingo and expand your employability and smarts

Matrix Morpheus Meme - Imgflip

10. Take a virtual tour overseas in Florence’s Uffizi gallery, on a yacht in the Mediterranean or at New York’s MOMA gallery online and explore our world from the comfort of your bed.

virtual tours of 500+ museums & galleries from home including MoMA and the louvre

11. Host a niche PowerPoint night with your friends over video chat- most amusing topic wins… One example may be allocating people their spirit TV character based of their chakras!

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Software - Review 2016 - PCMag Australia

12. Run a karaoke night with the squad- consider using the AirConsole app.

13. Visit a haunted house virtually like the Winchester Mystery House and be completely spoooookeddddd…

14. Up that meditation streak with the Headspace 10 day meditation for beginners program- the man’s voice is very soothing and at only 5 minutes a day, it is totally doable- and did we mention it’s completely free.

The Beginner's Guide to Meditation | Shape

15. Run to a new goal and get sweaty.

That feeling.. After a run - iron man explosion | Meme Generator

16. Knit a square for the Knit-a-Square program to provide blankets for children in poverty residing in South Africa while watching some Netflix- saving the world whilst watching Suits- we think yes!

17. Upcycle some clothing items (yes, make that old tee a crop-top) and be a #sustainablesister.

Upcycled Clothing by Sarah Tyau Gives New Life to Old Garments

18. Declutter those drawers or wardrobe and channel your inner Marie Kondo.

20 Easy Decluttering Tips from Experts - How to Declutter a Room

19. Bake some scones and have some high tea on your balcony or in your garden.

Pin on Outdoor Home Inspiration

20. Write an article/submit advice/make a contribution to The Exchange– we welcome all contributions and would love to hear from you!!!

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Stay safe everyone and enjoy your well-deserved break 😊


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