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A wager endearing

A wager endearing

Equipped in a crimson red,
Fuchsia feathers adorning your helm,
Observe me in silent ardour.
My Roman General, dearest supreme,
Your might, of Rome, undeniable,
Earning my dote, esteem,
Banquets more exquisite than lands of the horizon.
You challenge me to this wager of the extremes!
My pride, yielded to your hands,
A forfeit impermissible,
And serve equal in your company.
Upon this grandiose feast today,
I settle this test of wealth,
Display the limitless riches of my Egypt.
I will triumph!
Ascend indulgence surpass judgement of the prudent,
Your repute fall sour to my lustrous jewel,
And earn the grace, illuminated,
Of my loved.

Extravagant in your apricot dress.
I watch your eyes, convinced,
So intense, sharpened by passion,
Unwavering, with a resolved quality and richness.
I watch.
As you raise your arm in fluid motion,
Pearl in hand,
I watch in silence,
My loss, approaching,
Not a sound to cross my lips.
Afraid, perhaps, describes me, petrified yet obstinate,
As your disciple,
I watch,
In untiring admiration, unmatched by our company.
The pearl held so intricately in your fingertips,
Glimmering, fiery eyes to follow its movement exactly.
Priceless, held firmly above the crystalline cup,
In absence of reluctance,
I wait, exhale,
My helm resting so heavily upon my head,
The vibrant flavours still lingering upon my tongue,
Your fingers open,
My heart soars,
Seconds pass…
Into the acid, we together watch as the milk gleam fades,
Your victory secured,
Gladly accepted,
My love forever.


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