Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Amy Xiao


To judge or not to judge – religion, media and Amy Coney Barrett

This last week, Amy Coney Barret’s name has all but dominated my news feed. After getting over the admittedly strange feeling of...

Stage 4, Alzheimer’s Breakthrough and the Beirut Explosion: 2/8-9/8

Your weekly rundown of the biggest things that happened in the week beginning 2/8

The Report – Exposing the truth behind the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation”

There are some movies that you don’t find – they find you. I’d been going on a Wikipedia marathon out of sheer boredom when I chanced upon a movie that I could vaguely remember wanting to watch but never got around to. It was called The Report.

Latest news

The Burning Torch

By Robyn Dunn, Year 7, from the MLC Green Team The world we know is beautiful 

Beautiful, Burning Tree

By Kaylene Tan, yr 7, from the MLC Green Team Hope will be planted Never will...

Your horoscopes for November

♈︎ries –– The Ram (21st March –– 20th April) Aries is someone who likes to be the leader and...

Nefarious Poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade is changing our world Now

Our world, more beautiful and bounteous than we could ever create, is extraordinary with plants and animals that complement the life humans...

Watching and Waiting – The Australia Post Watch Scandal

What can a watch really be worth? Well, it turns out that if you’re the head of one of Australia’s largest government...
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