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Book Recommendation of the Month- Bibliophile Babble

Book: Nevermoor Series, including Nevermoor, Wundersmith and Hollowpox

“The night was uncommon and crowded with possibility.

With mid-year madness on the horizon, we recommend a series perfect for getting you back into reading! With the same qualities that made a certain Boy Who Lived so beloved by all ages, we promise you’ll find something familiar yet totally unexpected within these pages. Welcome to the fantastical world of Nevermoor, a labyrinthine city concocted by Jessica Townsend, overflowing with geographical oddities, marvellous locations, and eccentric characters!

Our protagonist is 11 year old Morrigan Crow, cursed since birth, blamed for the misfortunes of others, and doomed to die a particularly horrible death. That all changes when a delightfully ginger-haired benefactor named Jupiter North whisks her–somewhat illegally–to Nevermoor. Powered by the mysterious Wunder, Nevermoor is home to many extraordinary sights: the Tube-inspired Wunderground network, the Room of Requirement-esque Hotel Deucalion and the prestigious Wundrous Society. Morrigan is set to compete for one of nine places in the Society’s hallowed halls against hundreds of other hopeful children. Through daring contests of bravery, determination, and honesty, Morrigan’s true quest is for her place in this whimsical new world.

Townsend’s debut series is filled with quirky characters, hilarious banter, an intriguing magic system , and a bone-chilling villain, combined with incredible world building to create a truly magnificent tale of friendship and identity. Wundersmith and Hollowpox continue to build upon Morrigan’s story, and with another three to six books planned for the series, there will much more Wundrous world Nevermoor to discover. In the words of Jupiter North, “and now we must step boldly in to the new”.

Happy reading!


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