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Christmas Horoscopes 2021

Hello and welcome to a very special horoscope reading – in this issue you will find out which Christmas object you are based on your zodiac sign. After a long year full of ups and downs, it’s always good to have a little bit of fun to finish… so without further ado, please sit back, find your horoscope and happy reading!

♑︎ Capricorn ––– The Sea-Goat (22nd of December – 20th of January)

You are: a Stocking!

Practical people who will always be committed to anything they participate in, Capricorns are the real MVPs of the Zodiac. You may be sometimes overlooked by others, similar to how stockings at Christmastime do so much yet are rarely acknowledged. Although people may perceive them as reserved, Capricorns are very open with people they are close with. 

♒︎ Aquarius ––– The Water-Bearer (21st of January – 18th of February)

You are: Smoked Ham!

Loyal, honest, and independent, Aquarius is none other than the Christmas staple of smoked ham. Always happy to move along at their own pace and available as a good listener, Aquarius’ are fantastic people to have by your side. Although sometimes they may come across as unemotional when it comes to other’s feeling and decisions, they are people who don’t let their emotions get in the way of major decisions.

♓︎ Pisces ––– The Fish (19th of February – 20th of March)

You are: a Candy Cane!

Pisces being the selfless and happy-go-lucky people they are, there’s really no other Christmas staple than Candy Canes that reflect their personality! They are very imaginative people, will always bring a sense of light-heartedness into any room they come into and be a shoulder that you can lean on. However, Pisces’ tend to get a little irrational when they work themselves up into a state, so it’s your turn to be someone they can look to when they need it the most.

♈︎ Aries ––– The Ram (21st of March ––– 20th of April)

You are: Gingerbread!

A bit of an adventurous cookie in terms of flavours and shapes, Aries is definitely the gingerbread of Christmas! You are always full of energy – adventurous, and confident, making sure that you push your high spirits onto everyone around you. However, you tend to be someone who likes to take a lot of risks and may be prone to getting hurt in the process. However, don’t let that stop you and your bubbly personality – you just have to find that balance.

♉︎ Taurus ––– The Bull (21st of April – 21st of May)

You are: Fruit Cake!

Stable, warm hearted, and a Christmastime favourite, fruit cake in horoscope form is definitely Taurus. You are always a rock for the people you love, even in the hardest of times. Although you may be a little stubborn due to your determination and persistence, you are someone that always sees the good in things – it just may come across as being overprotective.

♊︎ Gemini ––– The Twins (22nd of May – 21st of June)

You are: a Bauble!

Geminis are baubles. No further comment. As a person that is versatile and can fit into any situation with ease, baubles are a true Christmassy reflection of a Gemini. You are very lively and witty and are someone that is always great to be around who can lighten the mood. However, like a glass bauble when you drop it, if you treat a Gemini the wrong way, they can make your life a real pain in the neck – ouch!

♋︎ Cancer ––– The Crab (22nd of June – 22nd of July)

You are: a Snowman!

With the creative freedom that comes with building a snowman, Cancers are the snowmen of the Zodiac: loving, protective and somehow always knows how to read people like a book. Sometimes Cancers can be a bit moody, experiencing mood swings and feeling overwhelmed. Just remember to give yourself space during these times and soon enough, you’ll be feeling like yourself again!

♌︎ Leo ––– The Lion (23rd of July – 23rd of August)

You are: Tinsel!

As a Zodiac sign that is warm-hearted, creative and loves to hold the attention of others, Leos are definitely a reflection of tinsel! Although sometimes Leos can be patronising and bossy, understand that they will always do it for what they perceive is the best option for everyone. Leos are very loving towards others and will always bring a little twinkle into the lives that they step into!

♍︎ Virgo ––– The Virgin (24th of August – 22nd of September) 

You are: Eggnog!

Virgos are Eggnog. Why, you may ask? Sympathetic, loyal and a tiny bit crazy around the people closest in their lives, Virgos will not fail to bring kindness and warmth into peoples’ lives. Although Virgos may frequently be overcritical and stressed due to having so much energy, it’s extremely important for them to have a person that will be there for them to lean on when they need it the most.

♎︎ Libra ––– The Scales (23rd of September – 23rd of October) 

You are: a Christmas Tree!

As the Zodiac who is frequently seen as someone who can be relied on to be there through the toughest of times, it’s only fair that Libras are Christmas Trees. Libras are also very easy-going and calm people and can fit into the dynamic of a group with ease. However, Libras tend to let themselves become ‘followers’ and sometimes lose sight of their own goals, so it’s always good to be mindful and keep track of your aspirations so you don’t stray off track.

♏︎ Scorpio ––– The Scorpion (24th of October – 22nd of November)

You are: Christmas Pudding!

No classic Christmas meal is complete without a Christmas pudding and that’s exactly what Scorpios are if you want to have a good time! Scorpios are always exciting and feed off other’s energy and are extremely resourceful people. However, they may come across as a bit judgemental as Scorpios can be a bit secretive, but once you get to know them, they are truly fun people to be around.

♐︎ Sagittarius ––– The Archer (23rd of November – 21st of December)

You are: Christmas Lights!

As people who are filled with optimism and possess an unrelenting adventurous nature, Christmas lights in Zodiac form are Sagittarius. More often than not, they are viewed as quite extroverted people, which ties in well with the bright nature of Christmas lights. Although sometimes they may come across as obnoxious and rash, a Sagittarius is just trying to make the most out of the life that they have.


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