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February Horoscopes 2021!

Welcome back everyone to another school year! I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer doing things you enjoy, whether it be basking in the sun at the beach or staying inside chipping away at ‘splendid’ holiday homework. Yet regardless of how you may have spent your break, I hope it was enjoyable. As some things never change, a new month brings a new monthly horoscope reading, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

♈   Aries –––– The Ram (21st March –––– 20th April)

This month’s underlying theme is about change; whether it be a small or drastic change, be prepared for what is to come.  This upcoming change will be influenced by an imminent big decision, so make sure you can ask for assistance or advice from others. After all, friends and family are there to stand by you and help you through the challenges that life may throw at you.

However, I’m not saying that your decision should be solely based upon your friends’ and family’s opinions: this is your choice and your path. Only you know what you truly want, so listen to advice but also listen to your gut. Whilst deciding on what you wish to do, embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way in 2021!

     Taurus –––– The Bull (21st  April –––– 21st  May)

You may have been feeling a bit on edge, insinuating a bad year to come, but don’t let January dictate what the remainder of 2021 will appear like. You may have felt a little flat, but a new cycle is coming this month and will fill you with enthusiasm, renewing you just in time for Term 1!

Although new pressure and responsibilities may make you feel forced to embrace unfamiliar decisions and environments, remember that not all change must be rigorous and radical to be meaningful. Something small can make all the difference in the world. For the next few weeks, stay cool, calm, and collected. Proceed with care this month!

  Gemini –––– The Twins (22nd May ––– 21st June)

February is a month of opportunities for you; previously fixed boundaries are now fluid, allowing for a period of ease and fulfillment of wishes. These opportunities can present themselves as reconciliation with a person who may have hurt you in the past, or healing from an aching wound. Yet ensure you utilise this window of time wisely, as it will only last for 17 days. After this period, you may feel uncomfortable with newfound knowledge or insight, but all unfamiliarity will settle itself before March. Remember, use this time wisely!

♋  Cancer –––– The Crab (22nd June ––– 22nd July)

Nuisances and tedious problems will be presenting themselves to you Cancers from the very beginning of this February. Although it may appear rather inconvenient, read between the lines and complete research on your own. You may also have some unanswered questions that are yet to be solved, but as we progress into the new month, these answers will become apparent to you.

This month is also a time for growth, manifesting via potential changes within your inner social circles. Although this transition may seem quite upsetting, it is the reality of growth and maturity. Let yourself heal and do whatever you need to do to help yourself return back on track. Remember to resist the temptation to go numb and block people out- things will definitely take a turn for the better next month.   

♌  Leo –––– The Lion (23rd July–– 23rd August)

This month will present a wide range of opportunities for you- something extremely exciting for all Leos! You may have finally decided on the path you want to take in the future, which will provide fruitful and powerful opportunities. However, before taking a dive head-first into the deep end, undertake some research, seek out advice, and prepare yourself.

This February is also a time for revelations and realisations about how you would like to move onwards in the future. This could be concerning relationships, school, a future career, or anything else personal to you. While these revelations may appear rather overwhelming, just make sure to step back, take a deep breath, and look at the bigger picture rather than finer details in between.  

  Virgo –––– The Virgin (24th August –– 22nd September)

Virgos, February is all about your health and fitness. This may mean getting into the groove with a new workout routine or trying something different to keep you healthy and happy! You can do whatever your body needs, but try revamping what you eat by adding some healthy alternatives into what you enjoy. Remember to ease yourself into new habits and make sure that you are listening to your body’s signals!

However, this month is not entirely just about physical health. Focus as well on your mental health, particularly your mindset going into the new school year. This could mean potentially avoiding those carrying negative energy and seeking out assistance when you feel as though you’re carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders. Remember, there’s always someone out there willing to talk to you and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions!

♎  Libra –––– The Scales (23rd September  ––– 23rd October) 

This is a time where you will realise the importance of friends, and the role they play in your everyday life. You may come across a problem at school, home, or in a workplace that you won’t be able to solve alone. You will likely find yourself reaching out to friends, asking for advice and allowing them to share with you an unbiased view on the situation at hand.

February may also be a time where you are experiencing optimism whilst retaining caution. Remember to consider what is realistic and reasonable when making decisions. Again, utilise your friends around you because they can offer different outlooks on a decision and prevent you from undertaking anything you may regret later on. 

♏  Scorpio –––– The Scorpion (24th October  ––– 22nd November)

Scorpios, you’ll have a very successful month in terms of work and school, which is a great start to the new school year! You’ll feel quite comfortable and at home when you get back into the groove of everything, especially after such an unprecedented 2020! Be sure to make the most of this time period, as it could be beneficial in the near future.

Your communication skills will improve, and you won’t have problems expressing your thoughts to others. This can become extremely useful in schoolwork and when sharing ideas; even if your verbal communication falls short, you will be able to express yourself through hand gestures and facial expressions. Make the most of this time Scorpios!

♐  Sagittarius  –––– The Archer (23rd November ––– 21st December)

My fellow Sagittarians, February is a time where you must be wary of negative energy and pessimistic mindsets from others. This negativity could originate from anyone: family, friends, school, or work. However, don’t let this energy impact your bubbly spirit during February! Allow yourself some space from these people and distance yourself for the time being.

This month may also be quite busy and bustling, with school commitments and extracurriculars coming back in full force. Just remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath, relax, and do something you love. Centre yourself and calm down before you launch back into your busy schedule!

♑  Capricorn –––– The Sea-Goat (22nd December ––– 20th January)

Capricorns, you may feel like you need a break from the bustling days you’ve had recently. You can do this in any way you please, as everyone’s view of a break is different! Maybe you just need a day all to yourself- go have a facial, catch up with friends, or do something that you love! Of course, after this break you will feel re-energised and renewed, and it’ll help you get back into the swing of things for the new school year! Additionally, remember to be open and talk to someone you are comfortable with if you’re struggling through a tough time.

♒  Aquarius –––– The Water-Bearer (21st January ––– 18th February)

This month, you’ll be quite kind and friendly to others, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! However, try to maintain a balance between helping yourself and others, as well as focusing on your own needs. February may bring negative energy into the school environment or workplace, especially through those who wish to quell your spirit and joy. Distance yourself from such energy if needed and return to those friends whenever you feel ready.

♓  Pisces –––– The Fish (19th February ––– 20th March)

February may result in tensions for you Pisces, which can often impact other people’s attitudes towards you. You may find yourself feeling upset, so there is a chance that others might distance themselves from you to avoid potential conflict. Whilst such an approach could possibly ease this tension, it could also escalate into something more. This month may allow you to recognise the true colours of those around you, so remain observant and pay attention for any green or red flags.

Although you may dislike this period of becoming rather introverted and keeping to yourself, it is a great time for self-development and self-growth. Take this time to focus on yourself and your health, as well as implementing positive changes in your lifestyle.


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