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Interviews with Teachers: Mr Kenneth Chan (Economics)

Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in this interview— we look forward to your valuable insight! 😊

Why do you think economics should be studied? Do you think it should be made a compulsory subject at school?

Economics is all around us in the world. Studying Economics helps us understand the inner workings of the world and its influences on human and government behaviour.

Economic theories have many real-world applications which help us make sense of the increasingly volatile global markets today.

Economic graduates command high paying jobs (unless you decide to teach 😊).

All students should have an introduction to some degree of Economics in high school, especially in the senior high levels.

What specifically motivated you to study economics?

Originally stemmed from a desire to better understand political decisions and its impact on the economy

It was my hope that the insights gained from Economic theories and perspectives would help me in problem solving and making better personal decisions (the latter has not entirely been achieved yet)

Desire for a high-paying job (until I became a teacher 😩)

What book/s do you believe students should read to better understand the economy?

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

Another Now by Yanis Varoufakis

Any final words to aspiring economists out there?

Economics is a way of life!


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