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July Horoscopes 2021!

Hello and welcome back to another horoscope reading! It’s funny to think we are already halfway through the year and beginning the home stretch for 2021; it just goes to show how fast time flies. Now, as it’s the start of July, we can sit back, relax, and delve into the world of astrology once again!

Aries–––– The Ram (21st March to 20th April)

This month is a time to take some careful steps Aries, as movement of the planets inhibits you to see clearly, creating an imbalance in your health and body. Be sure to remain healthy and aware of things and people you surround yourself with, as well as what you might ingest. This imbalance may also hinder your perception of others, so be sure to regulate your mood and temper, as it may appear to be on a short fuse this month. Take caution with opportunities that may seem too good to be true, as most of them may turn out to be dead ends. This month might be a sensitive time for you, so tread carefully Aries.

  Taurus –––– The Bull (21st April ––– 21st May)

Taurus, July is really giving you a ‘vibe check’, as it allows you to re-evaluate your relationships and commitments, letting you see if they are worth your time and effort. Allowing yourself to cut ties with things that are draining your energy without any sort of gain will let you become a stronger and more motivated person. You’ll also have to be willing to adapt to changes in your daily life, as it may start to become a little rocky and requires flexibility. As a Taurus loves structure to their daily life, this change may be a challenge for you, but it will be worth the discomfort. Be optimistic this July, as it may be one of the more challenging months you’ve experienced this year.

 Gemini –––– The Twins (22nd May ––– 21st June)

Your mind and judgement are your best friends this month, Gemini. It’s a time to enrich yourself in problems that stretch your mind in ways you enjoy, but it’s also a time to fairly judge problems and dilemmas you’ve been experiencing. You are the only one that knows what is truly good for yourself, but you also take others’ feelings into account, so be sure to rely on your instincts when faced with problems that may appear to have a difficult solution. This month is also a time for heightened productivity, so use it to your advantage, and knuckle down on the things that you’ve been wanting to accomplish. It’s your time to get back into the groove Gemini!

Cancer –––– The Crab (22nd June ––– 22nd July)

Comfort and emotional warmth are big themes for you this month, as you may feel you’ve been lacking them in the past few weeks. Be sure to turn to those you love and trust for support and be willing to ask for help! Security is also something you may be longing for and a high priority this month; be sure to seek out things to do that truly satisfy your need. Lighting a candle can possibly alleviate these feeling you have, allowing you to feel comfort and warmth whilst smelling nice at the same time! Just remember to seek out what you need this month; the faster you do it, the faster you can get back on track!

Leo –––– The Lion (23rd July ––– 23rd August)

The emotions you feel this month may be a little heavier hitting, especially because Leo season is quickly approaching. You may be feeling a little uncomfortable with all the situations you’ve been thrown into lately, experiencing unhappiness with what others are putting you though. However, just remember that these ordeals are making you a stronger person; as a Leo knows how to learn from past experiences, these lessons will be very valuable to you. Remember to also lighten up your mood with those you enjoy spending time with; it’ll bring the positive aura you need for this month. Keep your head high Leo, even if things may be a little rough.

Virgo –––– The Virgin (24th August ––– 22nd September) 

Time to take a deep breath Virgo: last month was one of the toughest you’ve had to sit through for a while. It’s time to recollect your emotions and motivations, as last month really rattled you in terms of feelings and aspirations for the future. Chances are, it’s time for some change in your life, as there is a small outlet this month to establish a routine for the rest of the year. I’ll also remind you to stay strong and focused on goals you have for the future, as they may seem very distant and unattainable now, but aren’t as far as you think. Pushing on is the best thing you can do Virgo, and with your motivation, that won’t be a problem for you. 

Libra –––– The Scales (23rd September ––– 23rd October) 

There’s been a sense of imbalance between your work or school life and personal life, as you’ve been putting in so much effort towards success that you’ve neglected some of the relationships most important to you. People like your family and friends have been feeling cut off from you, and you may just be realising the isolation you’ve put yourself into the past week. It’s now time to come out of your bubble and take a well deserve rest, reconnecting with people that truly matter to you. Try to manage a balanced schedule for yourself that allows periods of rest, spending time with others and letting your mind relax.

Scorpio –––– The Scorpion (24th October ––– 22nd November)

It’s time to establish some goals with long lasting effects Scorpio, as July is the time to set things on track for the future. Be ready to make a commitment, and once you have, be sure to stick to it and give it the best shot you can: it’ll impact you in the best ways possible and set a path out for you in the future. Just remember to take it easy at the start, as you can ramp up the intensity once you’re getting used to things, and definitely do not burn yourself out before you’ve gotten to the good parts yet!

Sagittarius –––– The Scorpion (24th October ––– 22nd November)

My fellow Sagittarius, this month is a time to use your positive spirit to energise others who may be feeling a bit down. Your positive and extroverted vibe is what some people need right now, so make sure to share it with everyone around you! July is also a time to open up new opportunities and doors for yourself that may have appeared locked; you’ve had the key the whole time, but just haven’t tested it out yet. It is also a time for you to do favours for others, as your optimism and productivity is in full swing this month. Use this energy to your advantage, and don’t waste a minute of it!

Capricorn –––– The Sea-Goat (22nd December ––– 20th January)

This month is a time to soften your tough exterior and allow yourself to be influenced by emotions for once. This is a key theme for you during July, as you may be feeling that you’ve been thinking more with your head logically, than with your heart and you truly want. This month is about you, so go for all the things you think you will enjoy. Let yourself take the opportunities you’ve wanted to do so for some time but thought they weren’t worth the while: they really will be, and you’ll enjoy them immensely. Take time to live in the present and enjoy what you’re doing; as for this month, the future can wait.

Aquarius –––– The Water-Bearer (21st January ––– 18th February)

You may be feeling as if everyone’s emotions are against you right now, especially water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Make sure you take some time to think through your actions before undertaking them, and act with compassion. Taking other people’s feelings into account this month will help you drastically with relationships: familial, platonic, or romantic. Remember to always respond to others’ needs but don’t attempt to solve their problems. Give them the support they need, and they will be grateful for it in the future. It’s a time for you to be a shoulder to lean on Aquarius, as July is not necessarily impacting you in the way that it is affecting others.

Pisces–––– The Fish (19th February ––– 20th March)

July may be a challenging time for you to keep your emotions under control and centred, as you might have waves of negative feelings that don’t appear to be going away. Be sure to take care by not surrounding yourself with too many people; standby those who are important to you and can give you support. It’s also a time to re-evaluate your techniques in regard to regulating emotions, and there’s never been a better time to try out new routines: mindfulness, reading, lighting a candle, anything to keep you feeling calm and secure. It may be a challenging month for you, but don’t let it get the best of you; next month has great things in store for you Pisces.


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