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July Horoscopes 2022!

July Horoscopes 2022

And we are back everyone! After what seems to be an extremely busy year, I hope you have all been tracking alright and taking care of yourselves. This month, we’re delving into the world of crystals, and which crystal correlates with your zodiac! At times, life can get pretty tough, so if you ever want to look for an ✨alternative ✨ to bring some balance to your life (or you just want some pretty crystals to sit on your desk or bedside table) then sit tight, find your zodiac, and get reading!

♑︎Capricorn ––– The Sea-Goat (22nd of December – 20th of January)

Your crystal is: Black tourmaline

As a zodiac who sometimes harbours negative emotions, black tourmaline will suck all these bad vibes up, as well as stop negative people trying to prey on you. It’ll also aid in moving mental blockages that you are experiencing to allow yourself to reach your full potential. This will help you relax and bring a sense of peace into your life Capricorns, so this crystal may be highly beneficial for you!

♒︎Aquarius ––– The Water-Bearer (21st of January – 18th of February)

Your crystal is: Amethyst

As Aquarius’s primary birthstone, amethysts will tend to suit almost all of those who fall under this zodiac. You may feel as though you’re under a lot of pressure and stress a lot of the time, and this crystal will help you loosen up and release any tension and anxiety that you may be experiencing. It’ll also aid in balancing your emotions and getting in touch with them, so if you’re feeling a tad under the pump from school, this is a great crystal to have handy.

♓︎Pisces ––– The Fish (19th of February – 20th of March)

Your crystal is: Smoky Quartz
A great crystal for when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, smoky quartz will bring balance and help you centre yourself. It also absorbs negative feelings and emotions both from yourself and from others, so great for a Pisces who may feel a bit down in the dumps lately. So, if you’re looking for a bit of stability in your life, get some smoky quartz for yourself!

♈︎Aries ––– The Ram (21st of March ––– 20th of April)

Your crystal is: Citrine

As a zodiac who is very driven and wants to succeed, citrine will help with achieving those goals by creating a positive environment with good energy. Citrine can also aid with looking at the brighter side of a situation, promoting optimism especially during the tougher times. So, if you’re wanting a bit of positive energy in your life, citrine is the way to go Aries.

︎Taurus ––– The Bull (21st of April – 21st of May)

Your crystal is: Hematite

As a sign who loves certainty, security, and balance, hematite is most certainly the perfect crystal to bring all these things. Helping with balance, positivity, and grounding yourself during tough situations, it is everything in a crystal that a Taurus needs. So, look no further and perhaps its time to get yourself some hematite!

Gemini ––– The Twins (22nd of May – 21st of June)

Your crystal is: Moonstone

As the birthstone for Gemini’s month June, it’s safe to say that moonstone is one of the most beneficial crystals for a Gemini. Aiding with positive thoughts and emotions, as well as easing any tension that you may be experiencing, it is something that I would suggest all Gemini should have. It also allows deeper reflection with yourself, so if you’re looking for something that’ll help you do this, look no further than a moonstone!

Cancer ––– The Crab (22nd of June – 22nd of July)

Your crystal is: Aventurine

As Cancer is often very hung up on perfectionism and getting every little detail right, aventurine allows you to let loose a little bit and ease any tension you may be experiencing. It can also help out with mental clarity, which can be extremely helpful especially when things start to get a bit hectic at school. So Cancers, perhaps it’s time to get your hands on some aventurine!

♌︎Leo ––– The Lion (23rd of July – 23rd of August)

Your crystal is: Amber

A crystal which is a powerful cleanser of bad energy and promotes courage and power, amber is a staple for all Leos as it’ll help you on the path to becoming the best version of yourself. As the school year gets a bit more stressful, amber will help with getting through all those tests and exams which may freak you out a little bit. It could help you out in the long run Leos, so maybe it’s time to invest in some amber and see how it’ll work for you!

♍︎Virgo ––– The Virgin (24th of August – 22nd of September) 

Your crystal is: Moss agate

Being an earth sign, Virgos will really enjoy having a bit of moss agate around, but not just because of its lovely green and brown colouring. This crystal helps out with any blockages that you may be experiencing, especially mental blocks, and as a sign which is extremely hard on themselves, moss agate can be really handy to have around.

♎︎Libra ––– The Scales (23rd of September – 23rd of October) 

Your crystal is: Turquoise

A stone that is associated a lot with Libras, it is thought to bring luck and protection to those who have it around. As a sign which may fall victim to people using them and potentially being hurtful to them, turquoise will help repel those sorts of individuals away. So, look no further Libras if you want something that could bring these benefits into your life!

♏︎Scorpio ––– The Scorpion (24th of October – 22nd of November)

Your crystal is: Lapis lazuli

Promoting honesty and self-awareness, lapis lazuli is a crystal that will help with understanding who you really are and who you really want to be. It also seen as a stone for friendship, so if you feel as though your friendships could use a bit of strengthening, it’s not going to hurt by having some lapis around.  

♐︎Sagittarius ––– The Archer (23rd of November – 21st of December)

Your crystal is:  Green jade

As a crystal which brings harmony, balance, and luck, I like to think my fellow Sagittariuses will benefit from having green jade around. As a sign which is very spontaneous at some points, green jade will help balance this tendency out, such as helping with calming down and focusing on tasks at hand. So, if you want to improve your focus in school, or just want some general luck in your life, jade is the way to go.


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