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May Horoscopes 2021!

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful horoscopes of 2021 after a month’s hiatus! I hope that you are all settling back in well after a good holiday and enjoyed doing a period of doing things you enjoy, as I certainly have! As you all probably know the drill by now, sit back, find your sign, and have a nice time delving  into the world of astrology once again!

♈︎ries ––– The Ram (21st March ––– 20th April)

Aries, an opportunity is coming into your life that may affect you deeply: think of it as a change of fortune for yourself if the past few months have not been the best for you. Although you may find that you are feeling restrained by your responsibilities from family or other involvements, do not drop them simply because you want to pursue this new path, and take it easy.

It can be tough sometimes when we want to jump into something straight away but trust me on this: don’t jump the gun even if you really want to. Acknowledge that you have responsibilities you must tend to before this opportunity, and although it may feel like this chance will slip away as soon as you see it, it won’t. It’ll wait for you Aires, you just need to prove that you have patience, as good things come to those who wait!

︎ aurus ––– The Bull (21st April ––– 21st May)

Taurus, we are approaching the main month of your sign, meaning that there are many things in store for you this May. It’s a month full of promising signs for the year ahead, and you must be aware of the opportunities coming towards you before it’s too late. Keep on your toes and keep your eyes open so you are ready to pounce on these exciting experiences coming your way, as some may never come back around again.

Taurus, I advise you to embrace these opportunities you have on your path, and move on from the past that you may still holding on to. There’s no use grovelling over what could’ve been: it’s time to take control of your own destiny, and mould it to what you want to see, because really, I do believe that taking these tiny steps now may drastically impact the future, whether it is in the next month, or the next few years.

︎ emini ––– The Twins (22nd May ––– 21st June)

You’ve been dwelling on something you have created Gemini, and you are scared of what people are going to think of it. But honestly, let’s be real, there’s never been a better time to put yourself out there for people to know that you’re serious about not only yourself, but also about doing what you love. There’s never been a better time to jump into projects, either personal or professional, that you’d like people to hop onto or recognise you for.

May is also the month for you to change your bad habits and clear the roadblocks you think you’ve created for yourself. These have become barriers that prevent you from being the best version of yourself, so by knocking down these walls, you’ll be well on your way to becoming just that. Don’t take this month for granted Gemini!

ancer ––– The Crab (22nd June ––– 22nd July)

Cancer, these past few months you may have been feeling trapped and confused for a myriad of  reasons: people’s opinions and self-doubt may be at the core of the lock that is holding you prisoner. Although your brain may feel like it’s going at a million miles an hour, and you’re contemplating each decision you’ve made so far, it’s time to clear your head and get focused. May it be the time for you to break out of the cage you’ve been trapped in, but you can only do so by understanding why you have been feeling this way.

It may be difficult to pinpoint these feelings, but you have the time to ground yourself and focus on the path you want to craft for yourself. You have the ability to make your dreams become a reality. Cancer, you just need to overcome the cage you have locked yourself in and break free into the person you want to be. 

♌︎eo ––– The Lion (23rd July ––– 23rd August)

Leo, there are people this month coming into contact with you because they want to take advantage of what you have, which may land you in some dark places. Keep your detector on for anyone having these sorts of intentions, as they will bring challenges your way.

However, there are also people out there who want to help you, and although sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between those who want to harm or aid you, trust your gut: it really does know the right sort of people from wrong. You may not want to trust it at times, but honestly, please do. This month may serve you challenges, but you are willing to take them head on Leo, just like how you always do.

♍︎irgo ––– The Virgin (24th August ––– 22nd September) 

Virgo, the month of  May has promising growth and interactions for relationships, whether it be platonic or romantic. It’s up to you whether you take up these opportunities or not, but just be reminded: once they come around, they may never reach you again. It may also be a sign to pursue any connections that may be beneficial to all involved, as these relationships kindled in May might be the strongest ones that you will have ever created.

However, don’t overthink situations and get sucked into doubting yourself, as you are prone to doing so. Although it may be a challenge to change that mindset, in doing so, you will be able to break out of the bubble you’ve been in for quite a while and gain back your confidence. So, take a deep breath this May, and be prepared to face the steam train of life!

♎︎ibra ––– The Scales (23rd September ––– 23rd October) 

What goes around comes around Libra, so this month, it’s time for you to heal and gain a sense of well-being. You’ve always been there for the people you love, but sometimes you’ve felt they haven’t been there for you the past few months. However, May is the time that all this changes, as the people you care about most will outwardly show their care for you, as well as in their own unique ways.

With the focus of this month being wellbeing, also set some time aside for yourself, as you may have neglected your own wellbeing whilst taking care of others. Remember to get enough sleep each night, eat well, and maybe change up your daily schedule. But first thing’s first: this month is about giving yourself some ‘you time’, so allow yourself to reset and relax for once.

♏︎corpio ––– The Scorpion (24th October ––– 22nd November)

Scorpio, May is the time for you to take some risks, as it’s never been a better time to take the leap of faith towards what you’ve wanted for quite some time now. Shoot the shot you’ve been waiting for all year, and take the opportunities that may seem daunting, because it will ultimately show you  the range of possibilities you have!

This month is also a time for opportunities you may have missed to come back into your life. Take them if you wish, as the last time you saw them you were a completely different person and may have changed the course you want to take in life. Take those opportunities that still really matter to you and let go of those you have no desire to pursue anymore. Take the reins Scorpio!

♐︎agittarius ––– The Archer (23rd November ––– 21st December)

My fellow Sagittarius, this month is a time that allows us to turn onto paths that bring us closer to our goals, but also to recognise the efforts we’re put forth over the past few months. What awaits us this month includes new work, new projects, new responsibilities, and new experiences. It’s also a time to come together with others and create new ideas, as working in a group may prevail some of the best results that you’ve seen.

You may have also been experiencing nostalgia from times where you thought you were at your best, but your best is yet to come. Although these thoughts may bring you a brief sense of harmony, it’s time to bring yourself back into the present, and see what you can do to build yourself up again.

♑︎apricorn ––– The Sea-Goat (22nd December ––– 20th January)

Capricorn, you will find yourself the busiest you may have ever been in your life, but this is all for good reason. It’s time to test your organisational skills and persistence; times may get tough and overwhelming, but with your attitude, it will be a time for growth and development in your academic or personal life. Remember to not shut yourself out from the world, as I know you like to knuckle down on your work and get it done, but don’t neglect those that are close to you.

Don’t sacrifice a good time for work, as there are times where you may feel like you need a break from the busy lifestyle that May brings you. Do the things you love, or the things that bring you a sense of thrill: maybe it’s time to try something you’ve always wanted to do. No matter what, always remember to set some time aside for yourself, and enjoy a productive month!

♒︎quarius ––– The Water-Bearer (21st January ––– 18th February)

The month of May is a time for you to enjoy what life has to offer, and relish in the moments that you know you’ll enjoy. It’s a time to nourish your soul and enrich yourself in things that get your creativity flowing: maybe poetry? art? drawing? jewellery making? The world is really your oyster Aquarius. You may have felt restless for the past few months, but this is a month for you to find some peace and clarity with what you want in life.

Challenge yourself by also doing something that brings you out of your comfort zone. You’ve been stuck in your little cocoon for far too long, and it’s time to add a little bit of spice into your life. Do something that you may not be that good at, and even though it may feel awkward at first, don’t let that feeling get in the way of you enjoying the moment, because really, it could be your next big thing!

♓︎isces ––– The Fish (19th February ––– 20th March)

Pisces, this month is a big deal. Really, it is. You’ve been growing so much the past few months, learning about your strengths and weaknesses, starting to fill the shoes you were meant to fill. May is a pivotal month to this process; it’s a time for you to receive what you’ve worked so hard for and relish in the moment. Let this be the affirmation that you’re on the right track.

However, don’t just dwell on this for the whole of May. It’s also a time for you to reflect on what you’ve learnt and how much further you want to go. It’s a time for you to see what you can work on— what worked well, and what didn’t work too well. Keeping the balance between work and personal life is also something you need to keep in mind, but for the meantime Pisces, reap your hard earned rewards!


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