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Our fav 2000s brands taking on a sustainable view

I’m sure we’re all aware of the Y2k trends taking our wardrobe by storm, more early 2000s clothes are hitting the racks every day. One of the well-known looks that have made a resurgence recently is the stylish lounge wear brand ‘Juicy Couture’. Made famous by socialites like Lindsay Lohan and the original influencer Kim Kardashian, the tracksuits were a must have from 1999 to 2007.

Ever since Gen Z re-started the trend of miniskirts and low waisted jeans, these well-known brands have left the metaphorical fashion pile and were welcomed back into the closest of many 16-year-olds across the world. The ‘Juicy Couture’ tracksuit is no exception, in a Vogue article about the reappearance of the tracksuit Paris Hilton stated her belief that Juicy’s resurgence is down to our inability to leave Covid-19 loungewear behind “Post-quarantine, everyone’s wardrobes have gotten a lot more relaxed,” says Hilton, an ambassador for the brand “People aren’t going into the office as much, but you want to look stylish, and there’s something about a Juicy Couture tracksuit that you don’t look like a slob. There is something refined about it.”. It’s not just our early 2000s favs that are falling back on the look, recently the heartthrob that is Timothée Chalamet wore a pink juicy hoodie on his cover of GQ magazine, leaving teens to flock to the online store. Sales have increased within the last two years since they have come back. Juicy’s Head of Design, Amy Gibson, stated in an interview for Tatler magazine “The ‘Juicy girl’ has been a college student for so long, she’s now graduated, grown up and evolved; she’s now a woman. She still appreciates the core values of the brand, but she’s now more empowered, more sophisticated and more stylish”, mixing the old ‘athleisure’ retro with the more refined fashion we see these days.

So, as they incorporate both styles, they have also taken on a new trend we see on the day-to-day, sustainability. The brand has recently released an environmentally friendly tracksuit, it is made of 55% of organic cotton and 45% recyclable valour. For this they have partnered with Danish brand GANNI, together reinventing ‘Juicy’ for the modern girl. It is a 13-piece collection, all in different colours ranging from a “sugary purple” to the much loved “bubble-gum pink” all embellished with the dazzling diamante J and G logos. It has everything we love about the brand with a sustainable twist. After all who does not love saving the planet while looking fabulous? In the words of Paris Hilton… “That’s hot”.


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