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Summer Holiday in Melbourne: A Virtual Tour Around the World

Source: Belle Deesse

Term 4 is concluding and summer holidays are just around the corner! Even though many COVID-19 lockdown rules in Victoria have been eased, travel restrictions imposed across international borders still remain in place, bringing overseas travel plans to an inevitable standstill. Having to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a place of familiarity, this summer is bound to be different to what was imagined for many people. To fuel your wanderlust and compensate for the bummer, I have organised a virtual tour of some of the most exciting destinations around the world for you to enjoy- all in the comfort of your home! 

1. Hawaii

ALOHA! The first stop of our trip is the good ol’ classic HAWAII! Most definitely among the most popular destinations on earth and almost a default inclusion on any travel bucket list. You’re strolling along the picturesque beach and basking in the warm sunshine. Around you, there are lush green jungles and incredibly gorgeous tropical scenery. You take a sip of Mai Tai and release a long sigh of relief as your mind and body slowly unwind.

2. Venice

After the relaxing beachside experience at Hawaii, you arrive at Venice for the next stop, where you are immediately astounded by the beautiful Grand Canal – a 2.4-mile long water avenue expanding across the city’s veins. As you sit in the boat that steadily takes you along the waterway, you see how the city is awash with colour, sound and bars- where tango is played as naturally as the flowing wind. This city evokes all of the dreamlike, whimsical feels and being surrounded by it allows you to feel as though you’re in a fairy-tale land. 

3. Tokyo

By the end of your journey in Venice, you’re now drawn to the bustling city of Tokyo. You can’t wait to explore iconic attractions such as Tokyo Tower, Disneyland and the Senso-Ji temple! From neon-lit skyscrapers to centuries-old temples, the city is hands down a cosmopolitan capital rich with cultural heritage. You quickly fall in love with the city’s incredible technological advancement, trendy shopping districts and delicious food (fresh sushi and hearty ramen!). During your time in Tokyo, you’re also deeply impressed by how clean and orderly the city is, as well as the respectful nature of the local people.

4. Cape Town

Pastel pink neighbourhoods, turquoise waters and endless natural beauty. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, Cape Town is one of the world’s Seven Wonders of Nature. You take the cableway and zip to the top of the Table Mountain, which sits over 3,400 feet above the city. Taking in the spectacular landscape of Western Cape from high above, the truly awe-inspiring views surface before you. Before your departure, the Capetonians even kindly offer you a taste of their signature fish and chips.

5. Dubai

You board the plane and head to the Middle Eastern City – Dubai- known for its stunning Persian Gulf views, historical landmarks and heart-pumping activities. You spend several days voyaging through the city: visiting historic sights, futuristic architecture and tasting traditional Arabic barbecue. Out of all the attractions, making a trip to the top of Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world- is truly  your most indelible memory at Dubai.

6. Santorini

As your journey begins drawing to a close, you travel to your last stop, Santorini. By choosing this destination as the final place, it makes your trip more unforgettable than ever. You immerse yourself in the breathtaking sunsets, colourful beaches and pastel-hued villages in Oia on a lovely evening. Watching the sky turn from blazing orange to fairy floss pink, Santorini has everything you need to unwind after an action-packed vacation!

Happy Holidays!


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