Friday, May 20, 2022

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The Antithetical

I know one thing:

I know nothing.

Socrates utters these words millennia ago

And these words carry through with them

A ringing truth, an inescapable reality,

That those nowadays condemn.


Contempt to what is the antithetical existence

Can only lead to half-hearted persistence.


Insistence that


is forever, not flawed and


is faultless, not fallible.


Factually, the “truth” is out there, somewhere.

When assuming knowledge is in reach too,

to become all knowing is sought after. Yet-


All that can be glimpsed is a window of the universe

A speck, drawn out in the vast expanse of time.

Eyes may be the window to the soul

But when closed, they can be the window to

so much more.


I know one thing:

the antithetical existence remains.


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