Thursday, July 29, 2021

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The Burning Torch

By Robyn Dunn, Year 7, from the MLC Green Team

The world we know is beautiful 

Waves crashing against the shore, 

Trees sway in the morning light, 


The world we know is strong 

With her land parched and scorched 

Yet Nature and life shall be relighted 


The world we know is changing 

Yet man continue to light its torch 

Burning, glowing and melting  


The world we know is in danger 

We must wake up and see its pain 

Darkness threatens to combat the light 


The world we know is dying 

Yet we all choose to plough on 

Burning, glowing and melting 


The world we know is gone 

The torch has finally died 

No one is left to sustain it 


The world we know 



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