Monday, November 30, 2020

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This poem was written by Year 11 student Alex McCann for the 2019 Boroondara Literary Competition.

The window is cold and it’s covered in tears 
The sun and its arc keep a boy his fears 
But a rainbow is see-through, it won’t hide the grey 
And the night hides the light, but in dark rain can stay 
And it fills up a bottle, becomes a ship’s waves 
The boy, he will watch it, on wettest of days 
While the storm drowns out his parent’s dull notes 
Tonight he’ll find bottles for more of his boats 
There’s a flower that grows beside the square glass 
He pretends it’s a rose, but it’s only dew grass 
He waters it twice, with rain that leaks through 
He keeps it alive like his sister used to 
With his bottles and boats, with his flowers and fears  
The boy crouches up, through the window he peers  
And he looks past the face that is there, peering back 
Past his puffed lip, his right eye, bruised and black 
And he hums a small tune he heard from a friend 
It’s fun, when you’re little, to play, to pretend 
And he watches the clouds as they meet and disperse  
He thinks to himself how it could be worse 


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